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Matthew was considered an outcast, a hated tax collector, an agent of the Romans, and a sinner. Yet Jesus came to him and said, “Come, follow me.” Matthew left everything and followed. (Matthew 9; 9-12) Living a new life, Mathew became one of the twelve Apostles and was the foundation of the second Gospel. 

At St. Matthew’s Reformed Church, we are much the same. The people of St. Matthew’s are a loving and caring congregation. Whatever transgressions that you wrestle within your life, know that you can find the forgiveness of Jesus Christ to lead a grace-filled new life and that you are always welcome at our Church.

We welcome you and
your family with open arms!

Our Mission

The Mission of St. Matthew’s Reformed Church is to worship God, to provide training and support for discipleship growth, and to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed.

Our Mission

Our Vision

To strengthen our ministry to  youth to provide fellowship opportunities, to grow in membership, to deepen in faith, and to expand the church’s outreach to the community.

Our Values

We strive to love and serve God, to love one another and to keep relationships healthy and to welcome and befriend newcomers.


Who We Are

A forgiving and understanding people.  A place where everybody is somebody. A loving family-oriented place to rear children into God’s greater family. A place where our church's historical heritage is important to all generations. A place that appreciates and understands individual and family struggles and seeks to lend support through those struggles.

A Faithful & Welcoming Church

As a Faithful and Welcoming Church, we strive to be:
Faithful to God our Father and Creator, to Jesus Christ, our Lord and only Savior, and to the Holy Spirit

Faithful to the Bible as our ultimate authority for faith and practice

Faithful to the apostolic faith declared by the Church across the years and around the world and reaffirmed in our historic traditions

Faithful to the preservation of the family
to the practice and proclamation of human sexuality as God's gift for marriage between a man and a woman

Welcoming to all, as we seek through repentance and faith to do the will of God

Welcoming to fresh insight from the scriptures that is consistent with our commitment to biblical authority

Welcoming to new ideas of how our congregation may experience health and growth to transform our world through the gospel

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