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We strive to keep our members, guest & community informed and up-to-date using various digital & traditional tools. See below videos, newsletters, bulletins & more.

June 2023

Monthly Newsletter

JULY 2023

Monthly Newsletter

AUG 2023

Monthly Newsletter

Prayer Request

St. Matthew's Members in Professional Care
Audrey Whitner (Abernathy Laurel), and Leslie Frye (Abernathy Laurel)

Parishioners of St. Matthew's
Buddy Funderburk, Shirlee McRee, Allen Haithcox, Annette Barkley, Scarlett Hartzoge, Rick Hartzoge, Helen Owens, Emma Grace Minteer, Larry Parker, Lucille Shook, Joyce Bradshaw, and Church Leadership

Family, Friends & Neighbors of St. Matthew's
Terry Oldham, Johnny Gilbert, Mike McManus, Kendra Shaw, Jerry Kaylor, June Tomah, Jan Hobbs, Cindy Little, Israel Hamilton, Flora McGahan, Darrell Bradshaw, Eddie Littlejohn, Steve Goodson, Vanai Ward, Curtis Hamilton, Family of Jim Hickman, Diane Wallace, Carol Morrison, Jean Outland, Adrian Lemmond, and Gretta Daughtrey

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