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Our Beloved Sanctuary

We cherish our beloved, historical Church Sanctuary. As many know, we are embarking on a timeless renovation for all to enjoy. In order to keep our Members informed, the Sanctuary Committee would love everyone to view the below documentation of our current recommendations. Thank you all for your support!

Great News! As of 6.13.21, all contracts have been signed! 




Members of the Committee

Our Sanctuary Committee includes 7 Church Members that represent other internal functions such as Property, Finance, Consistory, Personnel, Cemetary, Sexton and Choir. Please feel free to reach out to these individuals at any time with questions or ideas. 
> Download file for more details


Letter to Congregation - November 2020

A detailed letter was handed out to the Congregation in November 2020 that explained the status of the Sanctuary progress at that time.

> Download file for more details

Letter to Congregation_Image.JPG
Expenses_Items_To Date_image.JPG


Expenses To Date

Current expenses have been approved by the Consistory to do exploratory and maintenance items within the Sanctuary.

> Download file for more details


Floor Plan Layout

Our committee has worked diligently to propose a viable floor layout that takes into consideration many elements including handicap access, maximum seating capacity, choir positioning and more.

Please note: options will be voted on.

> Download file for more details

floor layout_Image2.JPG
Church Interior Color Pallet_image2.JPG


Hardwood Flooring

During the exploratory phase, our Committee uncovered Heart Pine wood floors that are in excellent condition. A sample was sanded and refinished and can be viewed in the Sanctuary.

> Download file for more details

Pew Ends_image.png


Recommeded Color Pallet

This is a rough sample designed by our committee to represent the color pallet we would like to recommend to the Congregation: white walls, dark stained pews with tan cushions, original wooden floors and exposed brick. 

Please note: options will be voted on.

> Download file for more details



Pew End Design

The recommended Pew design has been narrowed down to include long-lasting materials and a timeless inlay design that mimics the Chancel Furniture.
Please note: options will be voted on.


Phase Two 

The placement of a handicap ramp outside of the choir room will allow access to the Altar, Choir Loft, Sunday School Hall and Restrooms. *This will be a separate Property Committee Project to occur after the Sanctuary Restoration is completed.

Phase 2_Image2.JPG

Items currently on the voting ballet - June 6th

The following items will appear on the June 6th voting ballet during the Congregational Meeting.

  1. Curved vs. straight pew layout and pricing options

  2. Pew end design options

  3. To leave exposed or cover the brick walls

  4. $1,500 for completion of brick maintenance

  5. Ability to sell old pews as a fundraiser

  6. Contractor and quote approval

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